Baseball 2020 has brought everything we could have never planned for. This was the season we were supposed to celebrate in our life as Jonathan returned to the game as a pitcher. This was a choice he made in the fall of 2019 to buckle down and train daily to come back as a pitcher. He was signed to an Independent Ball team in December of 2019. As we entered 2020 and Corona started to spike we quickly realized baseball would be different. What we didn’t know is how different.

Originally we assumed baseball would be cancelled. Then we got the call that it was back on… only with major changes. A four team league was created, players were put into a draft hoping they would be picked after already being signed originally, no host families (leaving all players to figure out their living and travel), pay was cut to $750 for the entire season, players could not leave tickets for friends or family, not even their wives (leaving players to buy tickets), players had to pay for their own COVID test and have proof of negative results upon arrival, masks on at all times except when on the field, limited fans (in the league we are in), temperature checks upon arrival, no spitting, no licking fingers (hard for pitchers)… and I think that is close to all?

To say the least this season was unpredictable. We had 10 days (which is way more than normal) to get ready and figure this out. For me personally I knew I wanted to be with him every step of the way, but I also have what I call a fantasy job and didn’t want to leave them. My boss pushed me and encouraged me to release the guilt and go with him. The night we left was full of tears, but also so much love and gratefulness to have the support of them through this. The kiddos who brought so much joy to this crazy year, the kids I love and will miss, helped me to know the welocme home will be so much sweeter. Our families are excited to see Jonathan pursue his dream again, and honestly excited to see him in a different position than what we are used to.

*Side note of things some people don’t always see- arriving in a new city at 2:30am to a hotel we didn’t feel safe at so we drove until we found one we could sleep at for the night. We then hotel hopped until we found an afforable safe one which happened to be 40 min from the field and with one car… staying that far from the field (for safety reasons)… I ride to the games with Jonathan which means I show up 2 hours before (because COVID they can’t show up before that, usually they're there like 4-5 hours before) and I wait at player check in because waiting outside the stadiiuim is not safe. Little things like this that people don’t see but baseball families understand.

Our friends who have supported us, prayed for us and encouraged us, this wouldn’t be the same without you. To Jonathan's trainer… you worked your butt off and gave up your time to help Jonathan get to where he is. You believed in him since the day he showed up to pitch. You still continue each day with check ins and guidance. We can’t thank you enough.

With all of this said, there is so much change, yet so much constant. Another adventure in our marriage that we get to be on together. Support from people, criticism from people, all of it together pushes us. We are intentional with our marriage during season and we grow deeper in our faith. We focus on mental physical and spiritual health. We have a few off days to explore (what we can outside since we can’t dine out or walk around stores/museums/malls for fun in COVID times) and make memories in a new city.

To baseball, you are everything we wouldn't change. You have given us some of the best memories and challenges of our life.